How to Pick a Happening Hairstyle

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Hairstyles have evolved over time, what was once the rage in our parents time is no longer the case today. Trends can change from season to season, so how can we pick a happening hairstyle that suits our features and doesn’t make us look outdated? We know the struggle is real, so let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider.

Picking The Right Hairstyle

Picking the right hairstyle can be a difficult decision sometimes. We’ve all been there, flip-flopping between different hairstyles up until the day of a special event or an interview. Even more frustrating are the days when our hair just won’t co-operate. There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on the best hairdo for the occasion; your hair type, texture, age, gender or face shape. Let’s discuss each factor.


The first consideration is your age, pick a hairstyle that compliments your age. Picking a hairstyle is personal and very subjective, so everyone has their own ideal or preference. You should research hairstyles that compliment your age and make you feel good. Don’t pick a hairstyle that makes you look too old or one that makes you look like you are trying to go back to your childhood. This is not to say you can’t pick a hairdo that makes you look younger, just pick one that enhances your inner beauty.


The second consideration is gender, choose a style that enhances your masculine or feminine qualities. Again, this does not mean you can’t pick a unisex style or an opposite-sex style. Whatever your preference is, pick a style that achieves the look you are going for. Do your research, find images and tutorials that can help you perfect the style.

Compliment Your Facial Features

Some hairstyles have a tendency to accentuate certain facial feature or hide other features. Perhaps you want a hairdo that can draw attention to or away from a certain element of your outfit. If you are looking to emphasize how slender your face is, pick an updo to open up your face. Maybe you are wearing a backless dress, and you want to draw attention to it, go with an updo. Conversely, you may want to draw attention away from a particular facial feature or element of your outfit. For example, if you want to draw attention away from the size of your forehead, try bangs or wearing your hair down. Having long hair can draw attention away from your neck, and side parts can avert attention away from your nose. Whatever feature you want to compliment or draw attention away from, choose wisely and do your research.

Face Shape

Another consideration when picking a hairdo is the shape of your face. Hairstyles can truly enhance the shape of our face, and ironically the shape of our face determines the hairdos that suit us. Short, layered hairdos are great for both men and women that have a round face. Updos can really flatter woman that have a round face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, try hairstyles that incorporate bangs or a center part. Wavy hairdos are great for women that have a square shaped face, the waves create dimension. If you’re a man with a square face, try a hairstyle that is short on the sides, with more volume on the top.

Hair Length

The length of your hair will definitely have an impact on the types of hairstyles you can rock. Some styles require long hair, which means you will have difficulty wearing them if you have pixie short hair. Alternatively, you can’t wear a hairdo that requires super short hair if you have hair down to the bottom of your back. Hair extensions may, however, make it possible to fake long hairstyles. The key is to be realistic when picking a hairdo and keep your hair length in mind.

Hair Type and Texture

The texture and type of hair you must be considered when picking a style. Some hairstyles require straight, wavy or curly hair to achieve them. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have straight hair, you can’t try that hairdo or vice versa. It just means that you may have to alter your hair to make it happen, be it by straightening, curling or blow-drying your hair. There may be a need to use styling products to alter the texture of your hair to achieve the look, like smoothing serums, texturizing sprays, mousse, or gel.

Hairstyle Trends

If you can’t think of a good hairstyle to wear or you want to try something new, try researching new looks. There are always new trends, so why not try one. Or maybe you want to try a trendy new style that is cutting edge to really wow your significant other, surf the net and see what you find.

The Occasion

The reason or occasion you are going to is always an important consideration when deciding on a hairdo. You don’t want to wear a style that is too formal to the grocery store, and you don’t want to wear a messy bun to a wedding. Whatever the occasion is, know how formal or informal the hairstyle needs to be and the type of look you are trying to achieve. Then do your research to ensure the style is appropriate for the occasion.

Updo, Half Updo, or Down

Deciding whether to sport an updo, half updo or wearing your hair down is a matter of personal preference. There are other factors that can help you weigh in on this too, like the type of occasion you are attending. Updos and half updos are great for special events like weddings, they look more formal and even elegant. If you decide to wear your hair down to a fancy event, try dressing it up with some beachy waves or loose curls. The length, texture, and type of hair you have can also help you decide whether to wear your hair up or down. Maybe wearing it up is more work than its worth, or maybe your natural curl would look great with the right accessories. For men, you may want to go with a polished, slicked-back look or a voluminous look (using hair wax).

Accessorize or No

The final consideration is whether to incorporate a hair accessory into your do or not and which ones to use if so. Hair accessories can really dress up the simplest of styles, especially when you are attending a fancy event. First, decide if you’re going to wear an accessory and then pick one that matches the level of formality you need based on the event your attending. Headbands are great for both updos and when wearing your hair down. If the look you are going for is dressy or elegant, pick an accessory that adds a bit of bling. Try using bobby pins that have rhinestones to sweep back just one side of your hair back to dress up your hair when its down. If you don’t have any accessories, get some, they can really take your hairstyle to the next level.

Find the right hairdo can be overwhelming with the constantly changing trends and learning how to achieve the right look can be frustrating. Several factors need to be considered in order to achieve the perfect look. You have to think about your age, gender, the shape of your face, hair type, hair texture, the occasion and whether to wear your hair up or down. Find out how to pick the best haircut for you!

Natassia is the Editorial Director for both Your Brand of Beauty and PMWorld 360 Magazine. She is also the Content Marketing Manager for Lead-Her-Ship Group. Natassia has been a co-contributor for the Price of Business talk radio and USA Business Radio. She’s also been a contributor to AlphaGamma, a business portal for Millennials. Natassia holds degrees and experience in Psychology, Criminology, and certification in Legal Administration.   As an avid beauty enthusiast, Natassia has always had a love of makeup. She has a vast collection of lip products and other makeup products. Her love of cosmetics led her to work as a cosmetologist for a time. She spends most of her spare time looking for and testing the best beauty products and keeping up with trends. Natassia is admittedly a hair product junkie, she owns more hair products than she owns shoes. Her true passion is achieving the perfect natural curls. Her connection to wellness comes from her formal training in Psychology and her desire to maintain her optimal state of wellness. Natassia cover's all topics for men and women under 40.

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