Wedding Day Essentials Every Bride Should Have

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There are a handful of events in a woman’s life that are about her. One of those events is her Wedding Day. This is the day she leaves behind her old life and starts a new one with the person she loves and is going to marry, for better or for worse. So of course, on this day she would want everything to be absolutely perfect. From her clothes to the décor, her shoes, her hair, her bridesmaids and everything in between. Oh and let’s not forget the bridal makeup! 

Every bride knows you need a small travel bag with all the essential touchup products in case things start to fall apart. So to help you feel glamorous and special on your wedding day, here are a few makeup essentials that every bride should have on her wedding day. 

Primer and a Setting Spray

The bride is the center of attention during the whole wedding ceremony and reception. She is the central focus of the camera as well as all the people milling around her and the groom. So it is important that you use a primer to make sure your makeup has a good base and that the final look is absolutely perfect. It is best to find a primer that has a reputation for holding up all day and one that is climate proof. This will ensure your makeup won’t budge no matter what the weather is like, especially if you’re having a summer wedding or a destination wedding. Another great item that goes hand in hand with the primer is a good quality setting spray, preferably one that is travel size in case you need set your face again later.


It won’t do for the bride to have dry and cracked skin on her wedding day! So it’s essential to moisturize every part of your body. Make sure that the moisturizer is properly absorbed and buffed into your skin before applying makeup for the best bridal look. Be sure to pick a moisturizer designed for your skin type. If you have dry skin use a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid to retain and attract moisture throughout the day. For the brides that have oily skin use an oil-free moisturizer and one that has a good reputation for preventing oils. This will also go for your primer, choose an oil-free primer. If you have sensitive skin pick a moisturizer that is designed specifically with your needs in mind, avoid perfumes, or strong chemicals. The other recommendation is to stick to your regular moisturizer, if you know it doesn’t bother your skin, stick to what works best for you.

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Wedding’s are emotional events and your bound to shed a few tears. So it’s a good idea to make sure that your mascara and eyeliner are waterproof! So that you’re safe whenever the waterworks start. It’s always a good idea to test out your wedding day look before the big day to make sure the products you plan to wear work with your skin and your needs. Don’t be afraid to go swimming or pour a bucket of water on your face to make sure your mascara and eyeliner are truly waterproof. Also, don’t be afraid to splurge on good quality makeup products for your special day. If you hired a makeup artist to do your makeup for the big day, then invest some money into a travel size mascara or eyeliner to put in your emergency bag for touch-ups.

Blotting Papers

It’s natural for a bit of shine to appear around the forehead, nose, and chin so be ready for that and keep a few blotting papers handy. They won’t ruin your makeup and will ensure that you don’t have an oily shine on your face. Blotting papers are a must have if you plan to have a summer wedding or a destination wedding.

Liquid Lipstick

Every bride needs a lip color that will make her lips pop. After all, every woman knows that it’s the lips and the shade your wearing really brings the whole look together. Liquid lipsticks are a must on your wedding day, their lasting power ensures your lips look exactly the same as they did at the start of the day. This also affords you the freedom to eat and drink without making a mess of your lipstick. Do some research on the brands of liquid lipsticks that hold up the best, especially when you eat. Be sure to pack the lipstick in your emergency makeup bag in case you need to touch up your lipstick. If you have a makeup artist doing your makeup, ask them for a small travel size sample or go out and buy the lipstick in advance to add to your bag.

Flexible Hair Spray

After every wedding, there is a reception, and every bride needs to let down her hair and dance. So make sure that you have a flexible hair spray handy so that you can restyle your hair into something fashionable and easy, befitting of a bride without any greasy build up. Make sure you test out the hairspray before the wedding day to make sure it has the right amount of hold and that it doesn’t leave a white residue on your hair. 

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are an essential wedding day item that people often underestimate the necessity of. Many brides have found out the hard way, what happens when your beautiful hair starts to come undone, and you don’t have any bobby pins to fix it. No bride wants that, so make sure you have a ton of bobby pins on hand to prevent any hairstyle mishaps, in case your dance moves get wild or the wind decides it doesn’t like the position of your hair that day.

Keeping these essential hair and makeup products on hand on your wedding day will ensure your hair and makeup will remain perfect. All you have to do is enjoy every beautiful moment you share with your new soulmate.

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