A wee bit about us and our connection to beauty and wellness

We are beauty and wellness writers – totally passionate about everything to do with makeup, skin care, hair, and nail care. When they’re not writing about beauty, they’re researching, testing, discussing, and comparing all types of beauty and wellness stuff.


Moira Alexander - Founder of Your Brand Of Beauty Magazine

Moira is the Founder of Your Brand Of Beauty, Lead-Her-Ship Group, and PMWorld 360 Magazine, a busy mom, and a serial entrepreneur focused on business, beauty, and wellness.  She is a media-recognized business, project management, and leadership expert, and a contributor to various top-tier publications. She’s co-hosted a business talk radio show in Houston and been featured and quoted in many publications including Forbes Magazine.

Moira is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), holds various IT Credentials, and has over 25 years of experience in finance, business, information systems and technology.


Her Connection To Beauty & Wellness

Her connection to beauty and wellness started way back at the beginning of her career as a trained hair stylist with certifications in esthetics. Although her career took a different path toward business, when her first baby was born, her passion for all things beauty and well-being remained. You could say she’s now cutting a path back to her roots:). Moira cover’s all topics for men and women over 40.

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Natassia Nyholm - Managing Editor - Your Brand Of Beauty

Natassia is the Managing Editor for Your Brand of Beauty and Editorial Director at PMWorld 360 Magazine. She is also the Content Marketing Manager for Lead-Her-Ship Group. Natassia has been a co-contributor for the Price of Business talk radio and USA Business Radio.

She’s also been a contributor to AlphaGamma, a business portal for Millennials. Natassia holds degrees and experience in Psychology, Criminology, and certification in Legal Administration.

Her Connection To Beauty & Wellness

As an avid beauty enthusiast, Natassia has always had a love of makeup. She has a vast collection of lip products and other makeup products. Her love of cosmetics led her to work as a cosmetologist for a time. She spends most of her spare time looking for and testing the best beauty products and keeping up with trends. Natassia is admittedly a hair product junkie, she owns more hair products than she owns shoes. Her true passion is achieving the perfect natural curls. Her connection to wellness comes from her formal training in Psychology and her desire to maintain her optimal state of wellness. Natassia cover’s all topics for men and women under 40.


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