The Fundamentals of Face Makeup

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Whether your looking to cover up pigmentation issues, scars, acne or you want a full face makeup look for a special occasion face makeup can help. Face makeup is designed for application on the face to enhance, accentuate or alter the texture or appearance of the face. So, what products does face makeup encompass?

What Does Face Makeup Include?

Products that classify as face makeup include products like foundation, blush or face primers. Face products come in various forms such as liquid, cream, powder, and mousse form. They also come in different finishes such as matte, dewy, sheer, and full coverage. Face products come in a range of skin tones to match almost every skin tone. Face products can be applied to the face directly or with different makeup brushes, applicator sponges/blenders, fingers. The ingredients used in face makeup can include natural, synthetic, and artificial ingredients. So, let’s look at the different face products.

Makeup Products For The Face

 1. Full Face Makeup

Face Primers

Serve as a base for other face products and prolong their wear. Face primers are designed to smooth the skin and fill in the pores for smoother application of other makeup products. Primers should be applied on cleansed skin prior to the application of other face products for the best results. They typically come in neutral or translucent colors to ensure the true color of concealers and foundations come through. Some primers provide a matte finish or a dewy finish. Application of primers can be done with a brush, sponge, and fingers.


Are designed to help even out skin tones, smooth the texture of facial skin, and cover up scars, acne, or hyperpigmentation. The level of coverage a foundation can provide ranges from sheer to full face coverage. Foundations can provide different finishes such as sheer, dewy, and matte. Most cosmetics companies have a range of colors to match any skin tone. Foundations come in stick, cream, liquid, and powder form. Application of foundations can be done with brushes, applicator sponges/beauty blenders, and fingers.

Tinted Moisturizers and BB Creams

Work a lot like foundations, they cover up imperfections, even skin tones and improve the texture of the skin. One major difference is that tinted moisturizers and BB creams are moisturizers that have a tint to match the skin tone while moisturizing at the same time. Another difference is that tinted moisturizers don’t provide full coverage, they usually provide more sheer coverage. This allows you to get a more natural look. Tinted moisturizers can provide a dewy or a matte finish. BB creams and tinted moisturizers can be applied in the same ways as a foundation.

Face Powders

Can be used to set foundations and concealers, or they can be used alone as a light foundation. Typically face powders only provide a matte finish once applied. Face powders come in different skin tone colors, and they also come in translucent for setting foundations. Powders are applied with brushes or sponges.

Setting Sprays

Are applied after other face products have been applied to set them and prolong their wear. Setting sprays can provide a matte or dewy finish.

2. Problem Areas


Serve the same function as a foundation, they cover up imperfections, discoloration, and even texture. The only difference is that concealers are not applied on the whole face, they are only applied to problem areas. Concealers can be applied before or after foundations, as long as they are blended well. The consistency of concealers is usually thicker to provide full coverage. Concealers come in stick or cream form, and they can be applied directly to the face or with a doe foot applicator, a brush or fingers.

Color Correctors

Are cream or liquid products that are applied before concealers or foundations to correct skin imperfections or coloration issues. They are often used to hide dark circles or redness around the eyes. Color correctors come in seven colors green, blue/lavender, pink/peach, yellow, and red/orange.

3. Enhancing Products


Are intended for use on the cheeks to define and accentuate the cheekbones. They come in a range of pink, peach, red and orange colors, some colors are more complimentary on certain skin tones than others. Blushes come in cream, liquid and powder form. Application of blushes can be done with a brush or the fingers.


Are designed to accentuate the high points of our face such as the eyebrows or upper lip and adds a glow to those areas. Highlighters come in stick, cream, liquid, or powder form and they often contain shimmer. They come in different colors like champagne, gold, silver and more. Application methods include direct application of the product, brushes, doe foot applicators, and fingers.


Are products intended to enhance the shape and definition of different facial features? Contouring products usually come as a palette meant for use together. They can come in cream or powder form, with or without shimmer. Contouring products can be applied with various brushes and a beauty blending sponge.


Can be used all over the face to give the skin a tanned look or on specific areas of the face to contour and sculpt certain facial features. Bronzers generally come in powder form, with a matte, satin, or shimmery finish. They come in varying shades of tan or brown and are applied with a brush or fingers.

4. Application Tools


Come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. There are different concealer and face brushes. Brushes can be composed of natural hairs and synthetic bristles.

Beauty Blending Sponges

Are used to apply face products and blend them onto the skin. For the best results, a beauty blender should be slightly damp before using them to apply products.

There are many face makeup products on the market, having a better understanding of the purpose of each one and what they have to offer can help you pick the best one for you. Having difficulty finding the right concealer or foundation color for your skin tone? Check out our article on selecting the right face products for your skin tone!




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