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Why is Deep Conditioning Important for Curly Hair?

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Dealing with frizzy and brittle hair? Well, washing, styling, detangling, every other day, our hair goes through a lot of changes. Deep conditioning your hair can truly transform dry, unruly hair, especially curly hair. In fact, deep conditioning is a must for curly hair. Let’s delve into why deep conditioning is so important for curly hair, the benefits, and how to deep condition your hair.


Benefits of Deep Conditioning Curly Hair

Benefits of Deep Conditioning Curly Hair | Your Brand Of Beauty

Deep conditioning is a treatment method that can be used to restore moisture and add nutrients to your hair. Anyone with curly hair knows how difficult managing your mane can be. Curly hair is naturally susceptible to drying out because the oils produced by your scalp take longer if at all to work its way to the ends of your hair. So why is it so important for curly hair? Conditioning treatments help: 

  1. Hydrates your hair and restores the moisture balance. 
  2. Reduces frizz, coarseness, breakage, and split ends. 
  3. Restores missing nutrients.
  4. Restores a healthy balance of moisture and protein. 
  5. Strengthens hair to prevent future damage.
  6. Improves the shine and flexibility of the hair.
  7. Restores moisture and nutrients to scalp.


Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Tips

Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Tips | Your Brand Of Beauty

Now that you know the benefits, here are some tips and tricks for deep conditioning those curly tresses.

  1. Try to deep condition your hair at least once a week. 
  2. Don’t over condition your hair, that can also be damaging. Over conditioning your hair will make it too soft, making it susceptible to breakage.
  3. Shampoo your hair before conditioning to allow your hair to properly absorb the nutrients from the treatment. 
  4. Use steam or low heat to activate the product and promote proper absorption.
  5. Use cold water to rinse out the product, this will lock in the moisture.  
  6. You can always add ingredients to the treatment for added benefits, like essential oils, honey, avocado, etc.
  7. You can also make your own DYI masks.


How to Deep Condition Your Curly Hair? 

How to Deep Condition | Your Brand Of Beauty

Deep conditioning is a must for curly girls. It’s imperative to know that both moisture and protein are a must-have to maintain the health of your hair. Before you get started, choose between hydrating deep conditioners and protein deep conditioners. 

If your hair is healthy and not impacted by color treatments or heat damage, you don’t need to opt for protein deep conditioning. Excess protein for your hair can cause your hair to become straw-like and lead to breakage. It could also prevent moisture from penetrating the hair follicle. Hydrating conditioners are a great choice for protein-sensitive hair or hair that is parched. Now, if your hair is damaged due to heat styling or over-processing, consider protein deep conditioners. Protein helps retain moisture and is highly recommended for high-porosity hair. 

Here are the steps to deep conditioning your hair properly: 

Step 1: Choose the right product based on your hair needs. 

Step 2: Wash your hair.

Step 3: Apply conditioner to hair and let it sit in your hair (Based on the product’s instructions).

Step 4: This is optional but recommended, use a heated bonnet or shower cap to activate the product.

Step 5: Rinse out the product with cool water and allow your hair to dry naturally. 


Caring for curly hair requires a delicate balance of hydration and protein, both of which can be provided through conditioning treatments. If you want to maintain the health of your luscious mane of curls, you should definitely be deep conditioning weekly.

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