The Benefits of Self-Care Routines

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Did you know that self-care was the trend of the year in 2018? More and more people are starting to invest time and effort into self-care and natural/ holistic wellness. 

We are slowly realizing that western medicine is great for short-term relief; however, it doesn’t tackle the underlying causes of diseases but rather manage the symptoms and side effects. People around the world are becoming more aware of the importance of looking after their mind, body, and soul. This is where self-care comes in.

What is self-care?

Self-care is the active and conscious practice of improving and maintaining our own physical well-being and emotional well-being. Many of us relate to self-care as an activity or object that will make us feel better or happier. However, we need to notice the difference between suppressing our emotions with short-term relief such as; drinking, eating or social media, versus proactive self-improvement strategies.

Pro-active self-improvement will energize and nourish our body and mind.

Benefits of Self-care

Stress Management

Literature indicates that stress reduction is directly associated with self-care practice. 

Self-care strategies like taking a bubble bath, going for a massage, practicing mindfulness, and sleeping allow us to slow down and relax. It allows us to break away from our everyday hustle and momentarily forget about our future worries and stresses. Afterward, we are able to return to life refreshed and energized. 

Another strategy to reduce stress through self-care is exercise. Physical activity decreases inflammation, releases endorphins and growth hormones, as well as boosts our mood.


According to psychologists, individuals who frequently practice self-care are more productive. 

Some great examples include exercise and mindfulness. Exercise improves memory by reducing inflammation and releasing endorphins. While mindfulness improves concentration and focus.


Our self-esteem and self-confidence affect almost all areas of our lives. The way we manage and perform at work, as well as in our personal relationships, are directly related to our self-confidence.

By practicing self-care strategies such as; mindfulness, affirmations, and pampering, we prioritize time for ourselves and, in turn, improve our self-confidence.

Immune System

Prolonged and chronic stress can lead to increased inflammation in our bodies and weaken our immune systems.  

Self-care strategies like taking a bubble bath, reading, meditating, pampering, sleeping, spending time in nature and exercising, are all extremely effective methods to use when managing stress. But it’s up to you to find out what works for you. Experiment and try out different methods until you establish what works for you.

Emotional Health

We all experience different emotions, and that’s completely normal. Learning how to manage these emotions is important and will help a great deal in order to become the best version of ourselves. 

Self-care routines are essential for our emotional health. The famous Tony Robbins said that self-care routines should energize you, reduce stress, and help you to connect with yourself again. 

Self-Care Ideas

  • Physical activity: Try to establish healthy habits by exercising at least 30 minutes 3-5 days/ week. Take a walk, go for a run, do Pilates, Yoga, HIIT workout, weights, dance, or whatever activity you find enjoyable.
  • Pamper yourself: Take a bath, put on a face or hair mask, or go for a massage.
  • Eat nutritious foods.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ if you’re feeling down or if it is not in your best interest.
  • Journaling: Write down your goals, things you’re grateful for, and affirmations.
  • Get plenty of quality sleep.
  • Have a support system: Friends and/ or family you can speak to.
  • Mindful meditation: Try breathing exercises, visualization, and observing different sensations like touch, sound, smell, etc.

Most people understand that self-care is important but somehow can’t find the time. This is your friendly reminder to make time and prioritize time for self-care. Practicing self-care is by no means a selfish activity. Self-care is essential for improving and maintaining a healthy body and mind to become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals. Self-care routines are different for everyone. Try experimenting and determine which methods or activities work for you. And remember, schedule a time for self-care on a daily or weekly basis.

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