Top 10 Curly Hair Influencers to Follow

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Style trends come and go, but one trend I for one am very pleased has stuck around is the curly girl trend. Curly ladies all over the world have started to embrace their beautiful manes including myself. We have all scrolled through our social media feeds or scanned YouTube and found a picture that gave us curl envy; and wondered how she got her curls to look that way, right? Whether you’re new to the curl game or a curl enthusiast, we want to help you find the best hairstyling and hair care tips, tricks, and products for your tresses. Here are 10 curly hair influencers you need to follow.

 1. Alba Ramos (@SunKissAlba)

Alba is a Dominican beauty and mom that has over 1,025,923 subscribers on YouTube and 363k followers on Instagram. She focuses on natural, organic, and non-toxic ways to improve and embrace your curls. Her videos cover curly hair topics such as styling tips, healthy hair care, hair growth, and more. Alba also has videos on makeup, fashion, skincare, self-care, parenting, and natural living.

2. Lisette (@Luhhsetty)

Based out of Los Angeles, Lisette has amassed over 2,242,352 subscribers on YouTube and 535k followers on Instagram at her young age. Known for her bubbly personality and golden mane, she shares tutorials on how to style, wash, and care for your curls. She also has a variety of videos on makeup, skincare, her daily routine, product reviews, beauty tips, and more recently vlogs.

3. Peniel Tovar (@Penny Tovar)

If you’re looking for natural curly hair tips and some humor then Penny Tovar is your girl. Originally known as curly Penny, she has over 558,780 subscribers on YouTube and 105k followers on Instagram. If your new to the curly hair game Penny’s videos will really educate you on the ins and out of caring for your hair naturally. She has videos on hair care, styling tips, DIY treatments, product reviews, and informational videos on hair porosity and hair types. Penny also has videos on fashion, makeup, self-care, and vlogs.

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