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YBB Favorites For June 2019

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Hey, beauties we’re sharing our June YBB faves with you and letting you know if we think each product works on different skin types, as well as if each of them meets the needs of the under 30 and over 30 crowds (as applicable).

Let’s get started!

For our June YBB monthly favorites, we tested the lip sleeping mask by Laneige, Dermal’s aloe vera gel, DevaCurl’s arc angel gel, and Bae Body’s eye gel – here is our take.

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Sleep Mask | Your Brand Of Beauty

Retail Pricing: $20.00 (US), $26.00 (CA)

Where to buy: Laneige, Sephora

Laneige’s lip sleeping mask is an overnight lip treatment that is designed to moisturize and smooth lips. This mask-like balm is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants to soften the texture of lips. It is designed for fast absorption to create a protective barrier over the lips and lock in moisture with the use of hyaluronic acid. Its active ingredients include a berry complex mix of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts to lock in moisture. The lip sleeping mask comes in a 0.7 ounce, plastic jar. It is available in four scents original (the one that smells like strawberries), vanilla, apple lime, and grapefruit.

Here’s Moira’s YBB Rating for use on dry to very dry skin

Laneige’s lip sleeping mask has a beautiful creamy texture that is not tacky or sticky. It smells just like strawberries, but it is not strong, and the scent doesn’t last for too long. I apply it in the evening, and by the morning time, my lips feel very hydrated. The hydration usually lasts for most of the day, and sometimes I like to use it as a touch-up during the day. It doesn’t leave a residue, and it feels so lightweight it almost doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. You get quite a bit of product for the price, and you don’t need to apply much, so it really lasts quite a while. Laneige’s lip mask is a great value for the price, and I would definitely buy it again.

Texture: Creamy, not sticky

Scent: Light strawberry smell

Hydration: Very hydrating 

Long lasting: Yes, when used regularly 

Worked as expected: Yes

Pros: Makes lips very soft, not tacky or sticky, lightweight 

Cons: None

Your Brand Of Beauty | 5 Star RatingYBB Rating 5 out of 5


Here’s Natassia’s YBB Rating for use on combination to oily skin

Dry lips can be frustrating and can make any lipstick look subpar. If you’re like me, a liquid lipstick junkie then a hydrating lip balm is a must. I received Laneige’s lip sleeping mask for Christmas from my mom. At first, I was a bit skeptical that it would be as good as she said because the consistency wasn’t very thick, but boy was I wrong. It has a creamy and slightly slick consistency, but it does leave your lips feeling buttery soft by the morning time. I typically notice that my lips feel hydrated for a good chunk of the day if not all day. It smells amazing like strawberries and makes my lips lipstick ready the next day. It is designed for application at night, but you can also apply during the day as well. You get plenty of product for the price, so I think it is a great value.

Texture: Creamy, slightly slick

Scent: Strawberry scent 

Hydration: Lips feel buttery soft in the morning 

Long-lasting: Yes

Worked as expected: Yes 

Pros: Buttery soft lips, smells amazing, not sticky

Cons: None

Your Brand Of Beauty | 5 Star RatingYBB Rating 5 out of 5

Dermal – Aloe Vera Gel

Dermal Aloe Vera Gel | Your Brand Of Beauty

Retail Pricing: $7.99 (CA)

Where to buy: Dermal, Walmart, Amazon

Dermal aloe vera gel contains 95% pure aloe gel and two hormones, Auxin, and Gibberellins that help with new cell regeneration to maintain youthful skin. This gel is also designed to aid the healing of sunburns. It is, also marketed as a photo blocker to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Aloe vera gel has an array of benefits also including sebum reduction, lightening of age spots and blemishes, treatment of stretch marks or scars, skin hydration, and healing of wounds.


Here’s Moira’s YBB Rating for use on dry to very dry skin 

In the summer, I noticed that my skin seems to need even more moisture. As somebody that struggles with dry skin, that’s the last thing you need. I decided to try Dermal’s aloe vera gel as a new addition to my summer skincare regime. The texture of this gel feels like you’re putting water on your face. It has a slight tackiness, but that is very welcoming for someone with dry skin. I noticed it has a cooling sensation when applied, and it is great when combined with your daily moisturizer. It smells as expected like aloe vera, but it wears off quickly. If you apply it in the evening, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated even after you wake up the next day. Conversely, if you apply it in the morning, your skin feels soft and hydrated all throughout the day. A little goes a long way, so you don’t need to apply much product. This is one of the least expensive and most hydrating products I’ve ever bought. Since you get a ton of product for the price, that makes it a fantastic value.

Texture: Watery, gel-like texture 

Scent: Aloe vera scent, not strong 

Hydration: Very hydrating, lasts all-day

Long-lasting: Yes

Value: Great value for the price 

Worked as expected: Better than expected

Pros: Very hydrating, cooling sensation, long-lasting 

Cons: None

Your Brand Of Beauty | 5 Star RatingYBB Rating 5 out of 5


Here’s Natassia’s YBB Rating for use on combination to oily skin

As a person with oily skin, I find it very difficult to find a product that will hydrate my skin without making it look oily. I stumbled across this product by accident at Walmart and decided to give it a try. Am I ever glad that I gave it a try, it works best when it’s mixed with your moisturizer. I started noticing that my face felt perfectly hydrated and soft all day but didn’t look oily (to my surprise). It has a beautiful fresh aloe vera scent that doesn’t smell too strong and wears off quickly. The consistency is a lot like a watery gel, and when you first apply it, it has a wonderful cooling feel. For the price, you get a lot of product, and a little goes a long way. This jar should last me for quite a while. I even applied it on my husband’s sunburn, and it helped his burn heal faster. Dermals aloe vera gel is a great addition to your summer skincare products.

Texture: Watery gel consistency 

Scent: Fresh Aloe scent, not strong 

Hydration: Face feels hydrated all-day

Long-lasting: Absolutely 

Value: Incredible value, tons of product 

Worked as expected: Better than expected 

Pros: Fresh, cooling feel, hydration all-day

Cons: None

Your Brand Of Beauty | 5 Star RatingYBB Rating 5 out of 5

Natassia’s Pick

DevaCurl – Arc Angel Gel

DevaCurl Arc Angel Gel | Your Brand Of Beauty

Retail Pricing: $24.00 – $46.00 (US), $32.00 – $62.00 (CA)

Where to buy: DevaCurl, Amazon, select salons

Arc Angel gel is a non-drying gel that is designed for use on curly hair, it provides maximum frizz control without the crunchy feel. It is supposed to give you definition, frizz-control, and moisture all while maintaining a lightweight feel that doesn’t weigh your curls down. Once the gel has dried, you can scrunch your curls to release any excess product for soft, bouncy curls. The formula contains chamomile, lemongrass, and orange peel extract. The scent is a fruity orange smell that isn’t strong and dissipates fairly quick. The product is available in two sizes, a 12 oz. bottle or a 32 oz. pump.

If you have type 3 or type 4 curls, then DevaCurls arc angel gel is a great product for you. As a Type 3 curly girl, I struggled to get definition, control my frizz, and still maintain volume. Arc angel gel is one of the few if only gels I’ve ever used that gives me definition without weighing down my hair. This doesn’t mean you won’t get any crunch, but once your hair is completely dry, and you scrunch out the crunch, you will get perfectly Define curls that are very soft. My sister has Type 4 curls, and it works incredibly for her as well. The gel has a thin consistency that has an incredible slip for easy application. It has a light fruity that isn’t overpowering, it smells a lot like passion fruit or oranges. The only downside about this product is it can be a bit pricey if you’re on a budget, but it is worth every penny if you can afford it. This product has been my go-to gel for over a year now, and I highly recommend trying it if you have type 3 or 4 curls.

Consistency: Thin gel

Scent: Light fruit scent like oranges

Application: Incredible slip, easy application 

Results: Soft, defined curls without the frizz

Good for: Type 3 and 4 curls

Worked as expected: Better than expected 

Pros: Soft, defined, frizz-free curls

Cons: A bit pricey if you’re on a budget

Your Brand Of Beauty | 4.5 Star RatingYBB Rating 4.5 out of 5

Moira’s Pick

BaeBody – Eye Gel

BaeBody Eye Gel | Your Brand Of Beauty

Retail Pricing: $24.95 (US) 

Where to buy: BaeBody, Amazon

BaeBody’s eye gel is an intensive hydration eye gel designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. It is meant for application around the eyes twice daily for best results. The formula contains a Peptide Complex, Matrixyl 3000, Gotu Kola, Jojoba oil, and an amino acid complex. The product comes in a 1.7 fl. oz plastic jar that has a pushdown top to release the product.

As a woman in her 50s that struggles with dry skin, I am always on the search for the best hydrating skincare products. I came across BaeBody’s I gel in my research for the top dry skin eye creams. The consistency of this eye gel feels more like a cross between a gel and a cream. It has a similar texture to the Origins ginseng energy-boosting gel. It has a very light fresh scent, that doesn’t last for too long, similar to the smell of fresh rain. Once applied, it has a slightly tacky feel, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it leaves your under-eye area feeling hydrated. The tacky texture also helps when you’re applying under eye concealer because it prevents the concealer from drying out your skin, and it acts almost like a primer. Unfortunately, it’s not as hydrating as the Origins energy-boosting gel. I would describe it more like providing medium hydration. I did, however, notice that if you mix the aloe vera gel (mentioned above), you get the perfect level of hydration all day long. You get quite a bit of product for the price, which makes it a great value. The only downside is that this gel is supposed to lighten dark circles, I only noticed my dark circles looked slightly later but there wasn’t a major difference.

Texture: Cross between gel and cream consistency 

Scent: Very light scent, like fresh rain

Hydration: Medium hydration 

Long-lasting: Somewhat 

Value: Great value 

Worked as expected: Yes

Pros: Lightweight, fairly hydrating, great value 

Cons: It could be more hydrating, no major lightening of dark circles 

YBB Rating 4.5 out of 5 Your Brand Of Beauty | 4.5 Star Rating


Well, that’s another wrap for our June YBB Favorites, check out our May YBB Favorites. Also, check back near the end of next month for our next list. If you want to share your experience with these products, add your comments below. Also, if you want us to review any other products, just drop us a note in the comments below or on our contact page, we’d love to help you find Your Brand Of Beauty!!

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