The XMONDO Hair founder and American internet personality is known for his YouTube channel, Brad Mondo, is expanding on the current product line at XMONDO Hair with two new products.

“After working in salons for the past several years and feeling firsthand how the colder months take a toll on my clients’ hair I have created these products to revitalize dry damaged hair to retain that summer moisture all year long,” Brad Mondo said.

The brand committed to providing salon-quality products launched Prismatic Glow Hydrating Mask and Electric Rain Moisture Cream. XMONDO Hair prides itself in using the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve your hair goals.

Formulated with rich argan and baobab oils to leave your hair nourished and hydrated, the Prismatic Glow Hydrating Mask refracts and attacks dry hair keeping it nourished and protected from heat and environmental extremes.