Vie Collection introduces a cleanser for combination to oily skin types using a trio of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the complexion and erase impurities. A fresh and comfortable gel formula transforms into a rich and creamy foam that unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells. After cleansing, the skin’s quality is improved, revealing a smooth, soft and radiant complexion upon first use.

CLEANSING GEL with Glycolic – Lactic- Salicylic Acids…………………….150 ml, suggested retail price: $57.00

Directions for use: Lather with water in the palms of the hands. Apply with circular motions to the face and neck avoiding the eye contour area, then rinse.

Key ingredients: 

  • Glycolic Acid* – cleanses and resurfaces while stimulating the productions of collagen and elastin and enhancing skin hydration.
  • Lactic Acid* – promotes cell renewal and improves skin quality with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Salicylic Acid* – a powerful astringent and antibacterial ingredient purifies, refines skin texture and tightens pores.

*Total acid concentration for this product is 1%

SCIENTIFICALLY MEASURED – Clinical scoring performed by a dermatologist* Fewer pimples: -63% Refined skin texture: -39% Fewer blackheads: -38% Skin less oily: -32% Reduced pores: -30% Reduced wrinkles: -23%

VISUALLY OBSERVED BY VOLUNTEERS – Satisfaction test under dermatologist supervision** AFTER 1 USE: Wrinkle free skin: 100% The skin is mattified: 96% The pores are less visible: 96%

AFTER 1 MONTH: The skin is purified: 100% Pores are tightened: 100% The skin is clear: 100% The skin smoothed: 96% Imperfections are reduced: 95%

*Measurement of anti-blemish efficacy by clinical scorage performed by a dermatologist on 21 women, 2 uses per week for 28 days. **Satisfaction text performed on 2 women after daily application for 28 days.

Vie Collection at a glance:
Vie Collection is a high-performance skincare line that offers a wide range of solutions for all concerns regarding skin aging. As one of a few spa brands with our own laboratory, we don’t limit ourselves to a single star ingredient. The lab selects and assembles the most powerful benchmark cosmeceutical ingredients. Used in optimal concentrations, they are combined with molecules from the forefront of anti-aging research, providing advanced ingredient delivery systems for the skin. Vie offers targeted, non-invasive and clinically proven alternatives to cosmetic procedures along with effective treatment protocols to complement esthetic medicine treatments, for use before or after a procedure. Our expertise on the most innovative esthetic medicine procedures is derived from our partnership with our consulting physician, a well renowned French cervico-facial surgeon and esthetic medicine specialist. Vie Collection brings expertise, authenticity and proven visible results in the form of expert formulations and treatments in the spa market today.


Source: PRWeb Press Release


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