Founder and director of research at Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Sharon Kleyne, wants you to know that Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is the only skin care application that supplements natural dry skin-water to the deepest layers of the dermis. Absorption through the stratum corneum utilizes an easy-to-use personal, portable hand-held misting device.

Kleyne’s Nature’s Mist® benefits are many.

Nature’s Mist® replaces natural skin moisture lost to dry air and stress and helps maintain health for all ages, skin types, environmental conditions, and climates. Nature’s Mist® relaxes the appearance of skin aging and restores suppleness, natural color, and thickness. Nature’s Mist® boosts skin health and the effectiveness of topical medications for dermatitis, chapping, chafing and acne. Nature’s Mist® delivers oxygenated moisture that skin needs to breathe under adverse conditions. This benefit makes a difference in stale and smoggy air. Low humidity, fluorescent lighting, and high stress. Nature’s Mist® also enhances all other skin care products and rejuvenates the color of faded make-up all day long. It works all night, too.

Kleyne cites the double-blind clinical study conducted in 1999 by an independent testing firm. Volunteers were given Nature’s Mist® in the standard spray bottle, Kleyne points out, plus an identical bottle containing slightly alkaline tap water. They were told to mist one side of their face with one bottle and the other side with the other bottle, four times daily for four weeks. Participants did not know which bottle contained which water. Bottles and face sides were assigned randomly, but subjects always misted the same side with the same bottle. Skin moisture content was measured before and after each application on each side.

Care to guess the results?

After four weeks, face sides that misted with Nature’s Mist® registered significant increases in both pre-and-post-application moisture content. So regular application of Nature’s Mist® improved skin moisture content not only temporarily but over the long haul, too. Meanwhile, the face sides misted with alkaline tap water registered a decrease in pre-application moisture content and far less of an increase in post-application moisture content. In other words, these semi-mummified half-faces looked and felt like dried prunes!

Kleyne’s conclusion? Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® significantly increases skin moisture content. When used regularly, this increase is sustained. Skin with chronically low moisture content is more susceptible to conditions such as adult acne, rashes, bacterial infection, dermatitis, premature aging, allergies, wrinkles, sunburn, blotches, and other skin uglies.

This is what makes Kleyne’s Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® so special on the global dry skin market. With a natural pH of 6.49, the Trade Secret tissue culture grade water of Nature’s Mist® is absorbed through the acid mantle and hair follicles into the skin’s deepest layers.


Source: PRWeb Press Release