Nourishing Biologicals, a science-based skincare company, was created by North Florida surgeon, Dr. George Sadowski M.D., to treat the cause, not the symptom, of aging skin with advanced Miracular Cellular Communication™.

Dr. Sadowski’s patients often asked him to recommend skin care products for post-surgery treatment, but he couldn’t find a product-line that used ingredients that truly addressed the issue of damaged skin.

“As a biologist and surgeon with over 30 years of professional experience, I came to develop a skincare company because most of the products I had tested over the years were ineffective, didn’t contain the active ingredients necessary to really work, and even contained toxins in some cases,“ said Dr. George Sadowski M.D., founder of Nourishing Biologicals.

Nourishing Biologicals is the result of painstaking research that uses Nobel prize-winning technology to create one of the most advanced skin care lines on the market. Dr. George’s profound discovery of Miracular Cellular Communication™ allows ingredients within Nourishing Biologicals products to repair defects at the cellular level through the penetration of the skin.

Dr. Sadowski also found that for a product to work it must follow the 500 Dalton Rule. Simply put the 500 Dalton Rule stipulates that molecules applied to the skin that weighs more than 500 Daltons can’t penetrate the skin to cause an effect. Because of this, formulas claiming to improve skin health must contain ingredients that conform to this rule or contain ingredients such as growth factors that work through cell receptors.