Mistake Erase™ – a newly formed cosmetic brand has announced the release of its new Liquid Eyeliner + Corrector. The eyeliner pen was designed to take the intimidation factor out of liquid eyeliner and give even the most novice of makeup wearers the chance to wear eyeliner without having to become a makeup pro.

The new liquid eyeliner pen with a felt tip applicator rivals the performance of prestige brand best sellers, providing a top-quality product at a more affordable price point designed for makeup users of all levels and all budgets. “I consider this the liquid eyeliner with training wheels! Not only is it perfect for beginners, but it’s also a real game-changer for those that use liquid liner in daily life as there is always an “oops” factor that may require a little clean up from time-to-time. The built-in corrector tip makes it possible to do your liquid liner even when you’re in a hurry, if you encounter the need to clean up – you can easily remove only the mistake, leaving the rest of your eye makeup safely intact. Beginners and busy professionals alike covet this convenient mistake-proof eyeliner.” said Kristen Corso, Brand Manager of Mistake Erase™.

Mistake Erase™ is already disrupting the eyeliner market with all 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, the exclusive retailer for Mistake Erase™ Eyeliner + Corrector. Many consumers who swore off eyeliner long ago are giving this look another chance thanks to the products feature that easily corrects mistakes. Two products in one package provide an easy-to-use experience for all levels of use. One side of the eyeliner pen houses an intense, rich pay-off black eyeliner that is long-lasting and water-resistant. The slim felt tip pen allows for subtle precise lining to dramatic winged looks. On the opposite side is a felt tip that dispenses a conditioning makeup remover that easily wipes away mistakes.