Mereltä, a hair care brand rooted in science and inspired by nature, announced today the launch of the company along with its flagship product, Mereltä Root Renewal serum. On a mission to transform lives, Mereltä discovered special microalgae and developed the technology to create an anti-aging, plant-based treatment that nurtures and reawakens the scalp, promoting thicker, shinier, fuller and healthier hair.

“We launched Mereltä with fierce optimism and a sharp focus on simplifying the path to improved hair health, empowering consumers to express their powerful, authentic selves,” said Ligia Buzan, chief marketing officer at Mereltä. “We challenged ourselves to create a safe and clean plant-based product that was easy to apply and showed noticeable results. We’re delighted to see how hair transformation can bring energy and vitality back to one’s life.”

Mereltä Root Renewal serum is a breakthrough discovery that nurtures the scalp, the source of hair, and transforms limp, fragile and thin hair into thicker, more voluminous hair with body and flow. Scientifically formulated and dermatologist-tested, the once-a-day, leave-in scalp serum is proven to revitalize hair to its authentic fullness and brilliance, with more volume, improved texture, and renewed softness. Free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones, Mereltä Root Renewal serum is light and weightless, not oily and can be used with all other hair care products.