When Juvia’s Place founder, Chichi Eburu, first began wearing makeup, one of her early makeup-buying experiences included being unable to find a foundation shade that perfectly matched her deep skin tone. She knew then that one day she would have to create a cosmetics line that truly focused on inclusivity, providing products that look great on the lightest of skin to the darkest of skin.

Since Launching in 2015, Juvia’s Place has perfectly positioned itself as the go-to brand for high quality, and highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes. Since then, the brand has expanded its collection to include liquid lipsticks, blush palettes, and highlighters.

Now, after over a year in production, Juvia’s Place is thrilled to present an all-inclusive complexion collection called, “I am Magic.”

There’s something to be said about looking in the mirror and seeing your face, staring back you, sans the encumbrances of perceived imperfections that might make you feel that you are less than who you are. We were all born to manifest the magic that shines brightly within. This complexion collection, which includes foundation and concealers, will make that possible for any and every skin tone. No shade has been left behind.