How to Prolong The Wear of Your Nail Polish

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Do you struggle to get your nail polish to last longer than a few days, without it chipping? It can be really frustrating to put all that effort into painting your nails just to have it chip in two or three days. There are certain steps you can take in order to prolong the wear of your nail polish and our goal is to help you achieve that. Here are four key steps to prolonging the life of your nail polish and several tips that you can apply for each. Now let’s chip away at each of those steps.

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

It shouldn’t be surprising that the first step is always to prep your nails properly. Push your cuticles up to leave more room for the polish on your nails. It is also important that you wash your hands with soap and water to eliminate any oils on the surface of your nails. Be sure to fully wash the soap off your nails and dry them thoroughly. This will give the base coat a clean oil-free surface to grab onto. Now you’re ready to apply the base coat.

Step 2. Always Apply a Base Coat

It’s always good to invest in a high-quality base coat, this doesn’t mean the most expensive one you can find just a highly rated polish. One that I’ve been loving is the China Glaze base coat. Once you’ve applied the base coat make sure it is completely dry before you apply nail polish. If you don’t let it dry properly your nail polish won’t last as long because the base coat didn’t properly grip to your nails.

Step 3: Apply Two Thin Coats of Nail Polish

Always apply two thin coats of nail polish, this ensures you get the optimal level of color payoff and that your nail polish doesn’t appear streaky. Why thin coats you ask because if you apply thicker coats the polish won’t dry fully. Applying thinner coats also ensures that your nails don’t look bulky. It is extremely important that you let each coat dry thoroughly before applying another coat of polish on top. If you don’t you will find that the subsequent layers will not dry all the way and this can increase the risk that you will dent your polish when any pressure is added or if you bump into something. While all of this sounds like a lot of work it is definitely worth the time if you want your nails to look like they were done by a professional and last as long as possible. Again it’s important to note that the quality of nail polish you use also plays a role in how long your nail polish will last.

Step 4: Apply Two Thin Coats of Clear Polish

Once both coats of nail polish have completely dried the final step is to apply two coats, not one of clear nail polish. Ideally, it is best to apply a gel clear coat, this really seals it in. If you’re not fond of gel polishes that need to be cured one brand I recommend is the Essie gel top coat. It doesn’t need to be cured, it dries quickly, and it has an exceptional shine to it. The reason you apply two coats is to provide a protective layer over the color and to give your nails a bit more thickness so they don’t chip if you knock your nails against anything. The same rule applies, always use thin coats, and let each coat dry before applying another.

If you follow these steps your nail polish is sure to last longer without chipping. Your nails will also look like they were done by professional and are sure to get you some compliments. 

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