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Makeup products can come in many different formulas, finishes, and colors. The purpose of a product can vary based on the area of the face they are intended for use on. Makeup products can be broken down by category, into face makeup, eye makeup an lip products. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on makeup products meant for our eyes. Eye makeup products are designed for application on eyes, eyebrows and under the eyes, they are meant to enhance the appearance of our facial features.

What Does Eye Makeup Encompass?

Eye makeup includes products that are applied to your eyes, lashes, eyebrows and under our eyes. The formula of these products can vary depending on their function, ingredients, and the length of time they are intended to stay on. Some eye products can be used on other areas of the face while others are intended for the eyes only. Let’s take a look at the different types of eye products.

Eye Makeup Products

1. Eye Makeup


Is intended for use on the eyelid close to the lash line. They come in liquid and gel form (in a small jar). Eyeliners come in a variety of colors such as black, brown, blue, charcoal, white and more. The most common eyeliner finishes include glossy and matte finishes.

Eye Pencils

Are designed for use on the eyelid close to the lash line and in the waterline of your lower lid. They come in a wider range of colors than liquid eyeliners do and they typically come in one finish. Eye pencils can be used on different parts of the face.


Eye primers are used to prep the eyelid or under the eyes for eye shadow or concealer. Primers serve as a base for other eye products and prolong their wear. They typically come in a light or transparent color to work with all skin tones. For the best results, primers should be applied before any other eye products.


Are designed to accentuate the eyes by depositing pigment. Eyeshadows come in several forms, liquid, cream, and powder. They come in every color imaginable with different finishes such a matte, metallic, glossy, glittery, shimmery, and pearlescent. You can blend several colors together or wear one alone, and they can be applied with a variety of different brushes or even with your fingers. Eyeshadows can be applied to the eyelid, along the lower lashline and they can be used on other parts of the face.


Are meant for application on the eyelashes only. They can be applied to both the upper and lower lashes. The formula of a mascara is dependant on the type/function it is meant to serve. There are three main types of mascaras ones that lengthen, provide volume, or are waterproof. Mascaras can come in many colors, but the standard colors are black, brown and clear. There are mascara primers that help make the lashes thicker, and some mascaras have a primer included in the formula.

Fake Lashes

Help exaggerate the length and appearance of natural lashes. They are usually made of real human hair, mink, feathers or synthetic materials. Fake lashes can come as a strip of lashes or as individual lash clusters that can be applied separately. They are applied by gluing them to the eyelid close to the top lashline. Fake lashes can come in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles depending on whether the intended look is natural or dramatic.

2. Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Pencils

Are much like eye pencils, they are intended for application on the eyebrows, but they can be used on other areas of the face. Brow pencils help define the brows and even make them more intense. They come in a variety of natural hair colors such as brown, black, blonde and taupe.

Brow Gels

Are translucent mascaras meant for use on eyebrow hairs to tame and shape the hairs. They can be clear or have a natural hair colored tint.

Brow Powders

Are a lot like eyeshadows but they are designed for use on the eyebrows. They help define and enhance the appearance of brows. Brow powders come in most natural hair colors.

3. Undereye Makeup

Color Correctors

Are cream or liquid products that are applied before concealers or foundations to correct skin imperfections or coloration issues. They are often used to hide dark circles or redness around the eyes. Color correctors come in seven colors green, blue/lavender, pink/peach, yellow, and red/orange depending on the type of imperfection they are meant to correct.

Undereye Concealers

Are used under the eye to cover up skin imperfections such as dark circles, veins, puffiness, and redness. They can come in different thicknesses depending on the level of coverage they provide. Concealers come in a variety of skin tones.

Makeup Application Tools

Eyelash Curlers

Are used prior to mascara to curl the lashes and enhance the way they appear when mascara is applied.


Come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. There are different concealer brushes and a ton of different shadow brushes. Brushes are composed of natural hairs and synthetic bristles.

Understanding the purpose of the different types of eye products can help you pick the right products for you and improve your makeup application skills. Looking to improve your makeup knowledge and skills? Check out our Guide to Lip Products!




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