Cutting to The Chase With Haircut Essentials

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Heart-shaped Faces

Women with a heart-shaped face suit medium length cuts the best. Try a cut that incorporates layers that frame the face to emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. Men with a heart-shaped face should avoid cuts that are too short. Medium and long length cuts will work, but the best cuts are medium length cuts with a swept back look.

Diamond-shaped Faces

Women with a diamond-shaped face should avoid cuts that draw attention to their cheekbones or emphasize straight lines on their face. Try a pixie cut or a medium length cut with side sweeping bangs or thick bangs. Men with diamond-shaped faces can pull off longer hair, try a cut that has plenty of layers. Pick something that has a side sweeping fringe or a deeper side part. Avoid cuts that are too short on the sides.

Rectangle Faces

If your a women with a rectangle shaped face, you can pretty much wear most hair lengths. The key for you will be to incorporate bangs into your hair cut to underscore the height of your face. If you’re a man with a rectangle face, try to pick a cut that is more proportional in length. Avoid cuts that have very short sides because it will make your face look longer. Pick a cut that has medium length sides with a slightly longer length on top.

Square Faces

If your a women with a square shaped face, try to pick a cut that covers your cheeks and creates the illusion of a rounder face. Try a medium to long length cut that has lots of face-framing layers and a side sweeping fringe. If you’re a man with a square shaped face, you can wear most length cuts. Stick with cuts that are shorter on the sides and longer on top to emphasize your masculine qualities.

Hair Type And Texture

One key factor in the haircut decision process is the type and texture of hair you have. Some haircuts work best with certain hair types and textures. If you want a sleek bob cut, you are going to have a hard time maintaining that look if you have type 4 hair. It doesn’t mean you cannot get that cut, just keep in mind the amount of time it will take to straighten your hair each day to achieve that look. Also, consider the damage you could be causing your hair just to get that look.

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