Harmony Proteins, based in the Los Angeles, CA area, announced its new collagen drink mix products today at the CosmoProf North America trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The product line from Harmony Proteins is called Beauty Collagen Water and offers 5000 mg of collagen in every serving. Initially, the products launched with three flavors: Crisp Apple, Blackberry, and Watermelon. Each container includes 6 individual serving packets. Additional new product line extensions will be sampled at the ComsoProf show.

To prepare the drink, consumers can simply add the contents of the packet to 16 ounces of water, shake, and drink. The company also states consumers can add the collagen mix powder to smoothies, sparkling water, and even food.

With a variety of collagen drink and collagen powder options on the marketplace, Harmony Proteins states its uniqueness is based upon “great flavors, clean ingredients, healthy benefits, and better convenience.”

“We know our target consumers care about what they put in their bodies. That’s why our collagen peptides are naturally sourced, pasture-raised and grass-fed”, says John Bae the company’s Founder and President. “Beauty Collagen Water has no sweeteners, no colors, and no chemicals added.”

The company mentions its healthy benefits includes: the support for strong hair, nails, and skin; increases fullness and the metabolic process; maintains healthy bones and joints; boosts energy levels.