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Brand Launch: Volto Urbano Climate-Defense Anti-Aging Skincare Protects Against Pollution and Environmental Irritants

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Adds Tennenbaum, “When we looked at how the market was approaching environmental issues we found that brands, to the extent they addressed it at all, treated environmental irritants more like a skin condition than an always-present, important consideration for an effective skincare regimen. We decided then to craft an entire brand that presented a personalized skincare product based both on a customer’s skin type and her local environmental irritants anywhere.”

Volto Urbano Skincare

Was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, California, with a commitment to diligently researched, vegan and cruelty-free climate-defense products. The company has developed a state of the art formulations based on reliable, published science to create products that customers have come to love quickly. Products are never tested on animals and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Visit, or follow on Instagram as @vu_skincare and Facebook as VoltoUrbano.


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