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Blushington Introduces A New Unlimited Makeup & Dry Hairstyling Membership: Carte Blush Plus

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Blushington, a makeup, dry hair styling, skincare, and beauty retail destination based in California, New York, and Texas is expanding their current unlimited makeup membership to include their newest offering, dry hair styling.

Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge is the premier makeup, beauty, dry hair styling, skincare service and retail destination with locations in Dallas, Brentwood, West Hollywood, and New York City – Upper East Side and Midtown. Their existing Carte Blush monthly membership allows members to receive unlimited expert makeup applications, brow maintenance, faux lash applications, airbrushing, 10% off all product purchases and more to empower women to be their most confident, beautiful self.

Now, starting in September 2019, Blushington introduces a premium tier of membership, Carte Blush Plus. This membership provides all the same benefits of Carte Blush with the addition of unlimited dry hairstyling for $375 a month. It is an excellent value for any member who comes in at least four times in a month for makeup and dry hair styling combined. Blushington CEO Natasha Cornstein states, “We created our unlimited Carte Blush Plus membership in response to an overwhelming demand from our customers who desire to take care of all of their beauty needs at the same time under one roof. Our makeup clients develop trusted relationships with their expert artists and adding dry hairstyling was a natural extension of our Blushington beauty offering. The membership is ideal for women that value their time and lead active professional and social lives”

The Carte Blush Plus membership provides women with the convenience and creativity to help achieve any beauty look no matter the occasion. Blushington believes that beauty and self-care should be available for everyday occasions such as meetings, dates, girls’ nights, or just looking extra polished for no occasion at all. Blushington’s expert artists will work with members to customize their hair and makeup look to suit their mood. For dry hairstyling, members come in with dry hair and our stylists will do the rest, whether it is a braid, updo, beachy waves or a straight and sleek look. For makeup, our artists will work with the member to customize a look to her specifications.

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